That Film Girl


'I can’t recommend Anna’s work enough. It’s incredible to have moments in time contained in an image that makes it last forever.
It’s created and captured with intimacy & intuitively and delightfully, only made possible because it comes from Anna’s huge heart. Anna’s talented eye and unique ability to gain such trust in my family over the past decade has given me more joy than I thought possible. I couldn’t think of a more treasured gift to give or receive.' 

- Juliette Larthe

'My most treasured photos of my family are the ones taken by Anna. She manages to capture the intimacy of a moment like no one else. 

Anna has a gift of disappearing when she has her camera, that means I have rare images of my daughter, granddaughter and grandson in full uninhibited smiles and laughter. This is no mean feat as my family are not the most natural in front of a camera, but Anna’s photos would suggest otherwise. This is down to her skill of making the subject feel at ease. 

She’s also a magician with light , using it in a painterly manner and creating images that go way beyond a simple photograph. Anna captures the essence of a moment, all in a loving gaze.' 

- Diane Goldie 

'Not only am I grateful to have met someone as beautifully spirited as Anna, but creating with her is such a joy. 

Anna always finds a way to perfectly combine both our visions and ideas to create a magical combination. I have never felt so comfortable around someone so fast and not once in Anna's presence have I felt shy or self conscious when I'm in front of the camera. 

I feel she can truly capture my energy and essence in her photography, which is something not many people can do. I can't wait to see where the future will take us!' 

- Gracie Friel

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